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Palm Beach County is one of the oldest South Florida counties, dating back to 1909. Many beautiful natural areas, including Arthur R. Marshall National Wildlife Refuge and DuPuis Management Area, are within the County. In the County’s capital, the City of West Palm Beach, residents enjoy many places of interest, including the Kravis Center, and the Norton Museum of Art. Many students attend the world class Florida Atlantic University, which has a campus near West Palm Beach, in Jupiter, Florida. Palm Beach County is serviced by Palm Beach County International Airport.

Palm Beach County Social Security Disability Lawyer and Attorney, Randy Zeldin, Esq., is proud to have been serving this Palm Beach for over 30 years. The Office of Disability Adjudication and Review, the office of the Social Security Judges, is located in the City of West Palm Beach, the County seat of Palm Beach County.

At a Social Security Disability hearing before a Social Security Judge, it is common for the Social Security Judge to consider evidence from a Medical Expert. A Medical Expert provides both information and expert opinion at a disability hearing or in response to written interrogatories. The Social Security Judge may call on the Medical Expert for assistance in evaluating difficult medical issues at any stage of the hearing proceedings. The Medical Expert's testimony or response to interrogatories will concern his/her assessment of the medical evidence, in answering specific questions from the Social Security Judge or the claimant or his or her attorney.

The claimant represented by expert Palm Beach County Social Security Disability Attorney Randy Zeldin, will have the opportunity to cross-examine the Medical Expert or submit cross-interrogatories. The Medical Expert's testimony is evidence which the Social Security Judge considers along with other types of evidence in deciding a case. The Medical Expert should be neutral and have no "stake" in the outcome of the case. Cross-examination of a Medical Expert by Social Security Attorney Randy Zeldin of Palm Beach County may disclose, bias, lack of expertise in a medical specialty or even false testimony.

Medical expert testimony at a Social Security Disability Hearing, often involves assessment of a Claimant’s ability in mental disability cases, to: tolerate normal work stresses; relate to coworkers; relate to supervisors; deal with changes in a routine work setting; interact appropriately with the public; use judgment; maintain concentration and attention; understand, carryout and remember either simple or complex instructions.

In cases of physical disabilities, the Medical Expert is usually called upon by the Social Security Judge, to opine whether a Claimant meets or equals one of the many Social Security Listings. Sections of the Listings can be subject to much interpretation, due to vagueness or ambiguity. In any event, the Medical Expert is required to consider all the evidence in the Claimant’s case record about the impairments and its effects on the Claimant that is relevant to any finding made. Aside from testimony regarding whether a Claimant meets or equals a Listing, a Medical Expert often testifies as to Residual Functional Capacity. In this context, the qualifications of a Medical Expert need to be examined carefully by a Palm Beach County Social Security Disability Attorney, such as Randy Zeldin, Esq. These background questions include whether the Medical Expert has a valid license; issues of license suspension or reprimand by Governmental boards; criminal activity; civil litigation and especially medical malpractice issues; educational background including undergraduate degrees; medical institution and training; membership in professional associations and hospital affiliations.

Palm Beach County Social Security Disability Attorney Randy Zeldin has been serving Palm Beach County for over 30 years. Attorney Zeldin is available to all Palm Beach County residents for a free, in-office consultation and evaluation of a pending or potential Social Security Disability Claim.

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