Village of Wellington

The Village of Wellington, before its development, was originally the largest strawberry farm in the world. It is now an outstanding bedroom community of West Palm Beach, Florida, with over 54,000 residents. It is known for its equestrian and polo activities and many residents are horse owners and riders of nearby trails.

The current Mayor of the Village of Wellington is Anne Gerwig, who presides over the Village Council. The Village of Wellington government offers many services to its residents, through various departments such as Building and Zoning, Engineering and many others. Residents are actively involved in government through numerous Boards and Committees, including the Tree Board, Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, Development Review Committee, Equestrian Committee and the Education Committee.

The Village of Wellington is blessed with many recreational opportunities. Popular are the Aquatics Complex, Community Center, Tennis Center, Tiger Shark Cove and the Village Park. Natural areas include the Peaceful Water Sanctuary and the Wellington Environmental Preserve. Outstanding golf courses include Madison Green, Polo West, Okeheelee Golf Course and Blinks Forest Golf Course.

Educational opportunities for Wellington’s children, are among the best in Palm Beach County. The top-rated schools include Wellington Elementary, New Horizons Elementary, Discovery Key Elementary, Blinks Forest Elementary, Elbridge Gale Elementary, Equestrian Trails Elementary and Panther Run Elementary. Middle schools include Polo Park, Emerald Cove and Wellington Landings. Wellington High School serves the oldest students.

Claimants in Wellington seeking Social Security Disability benefits are within the Ft. Lauderdale District for appeals. The main office is located at 500 East Broward Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33394. The telephone is (888) 436-2637 and Office hours are 8 AM- 4:30 PM. The Social Security Field Office services Belle Glade, Delray Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Broward County, Vero Beach, and West Palm Beach. The Ft. Lauderdale District operates a field office for Wellington Residents, located on Australian Avenue in the City of West Palm Beach.

Wellington Social Security Disability Lawyer and Attorney, Randy Zeldin, Esq., is proud to have been serving this community for over 20 years. Unfortunately, there are many cases of brain injury, including in Wellington and West Palm Beach, Florida, which form the basis for Social Security Disability entitlement. Each year in the United States, 1.5 million persons sustain brain injuries. Of these injuries, 235,000 require hospitalization and nearly one-half of these are characterized as severe to moderate injuries. These injuries are result of a combination of causes, including falls; motor vehicle/traffic accidents or assaults. Motorcycle accidents, particularly when there is not helmet worn, are responsible for many serious head injuries.

Mechanisms of brain injury include acceleration-deceleration injuries; rotational injuries; axonal “strains,” degenerating axons; brainstem injuries and diffuse axonal injuries. “Open head” injuries include skull fracture, which are either depressed, compound or missile injuries. “Closed Head Injuries” include contusions, hemorrhage and infarctions. Hematoma and hemorrhage are common outcomes of these injuries.

Symptoms of brain injuries, which can form the basis for Social Security Disability, encompass Cognitive Deficits, such as attention and concentration, initiation and goal direction, judgment and perception, learning and memory, speed of information processing and communications deficits. Additionally, brain injuries can cause severe social and behavioral changes. These can result in problems impacting an individual’s capacity to work, such as apathy, social inappropriateness/lewdness; boisterousness, profanity, increased risk taking and impulsivity and distractibility. Any of these symptoms or a combination thereof, can severely impair an individual’s ability to return to work in the Village of Wellington or greater metropolitan West Palm Beach job markets.

Social Security Disability Attorney Randy Zeldin, Esq. has represented many individuals with brain injuries, which have been disabling. Related disabilities include neurocognitive disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, dementia and multiple scelerosis.

Wellington Social Security Disability Attorney and Lawyer, Randy Zeldin, Esq., is available to provide a free, in-office consultation for persons interested in receiving counsel about the complicated Social Security Disability laws. Contact our office to schedule a consultation with Social Security Disability Attorney, Randy Zeldin, Esq.

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