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Delray Beach was originally a farming community. Early in the 20th century, Japanese immigrant George Morikami formed the Yamato Colony, which has now become home to the Morikami Museum and Gardens. Although smaller than Boca Raton, this beautiful city has caught up in recent years and now boasts a population of 60,000.00. The arts and cultural district along Atlantic Avenue has become a successful attraction, with many galleries and unique retail establishments.

Delray Beach Social Security Disability Attorney Randy Zeldin offers free consultations regarding appeals of Social Security Disability claims. Like any other insurance coverage, Social Security Disability coverage lasts for a limited period of time after an individual stops working. The maximum length of coverage is 5 years, but for individuals who worked only sporadically before they ceased working altogether, that period can be substantially less. To be insured for purposes of being eligible for Social Security Disability, an individual must generally show 20 quarters or 5 years of work in the 40 quarters or 10 years immediately preceding when the person stopped working. An individual who is no longer insured cannot be paid a disability benefit and is not eligible for Social Security Disability, but may be eligible for Social Security Income.

Another hurdle in obtaining Social Security Disability benefits is to demonstrate that an individual cannot engage in substantial gainful activity. If an individual is earning over $1,000.00 per month, the law generally presumes an ability to work. Someone earning approximately $1,000.00 per month would have to demonstrate that he or she was working to maximum capacity and was unable to earn additional monies.

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