Lake Worth

The City of Lake Worth boasts an old-Florida flavor, with much preserved architecture and historic structures and an avoidance of high-rise development. Over 37,000 residents enjoy this multi-cultural city, which is a suburb of the County seat, the City of West Palm Beach.. Downtown has many clubs, coffee houses, restaurants and the historic Lake Worth Playhouse. The Fishing Pier is among the most scenic in all of South Florida.

Lake Worth Social Security Disability Lawyer and Attorney Randy Zeldin, Esq., prepares cases for appeal to West Palm Beach Social Security Judges. From the perspective of the Social Security Administration, the best evidence is the most “objective” quantifiable medical evidence, such as clinical or laboratory findings or reproducible test results. Examples includes X-rays, CT scans MRI studies; blood or urine tests; pulmonary functionary tests; Doppler studies and mental status exams.

Evidence is stronger if expressed in the words of the person making the report and it can be read easily. It is always preferred to obtain a narrative report from a treating medical provider; but this can not always be obtained or sometimes can be expensive. Obtaining cooperation from medical providers in preparing reports and questionnaires is crucial to winning Social Security Disability benefits for residents of Lake Worth.

“Subjective” evidence is stronger when supported by the treating physician, especially if the Lake Worth treating physician states that the symptoms are consistent with his or her medical findings. A claimant’s inconsistent subjective evidence can be damaging to the case, especially if it contradicts medical reports. For example, if an orthopedist states that the patient cannot stand for more than five minutes, but the claimant admits to walking 15 minutes every morning, credibility will be damaged or ruined. Orthopedic cases, including joint problems; surgical joint diseases; spinal disorders; amputation and fractures, can lead to a range or restrictions and limitations. It is critical that the medical provider and the patient are “in sync” with one another. Lake Worth and West Palm Beach Social Security Attorney Randy Zeldin, Esq. will review testimony before presented to the Social Security Judge.

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