The Town of Lantana is a beautiful community, hugging the Atlantic shore. It has all the old charm from its origins as a fishing village. The Town has an 8 acres municipal beach. More than 10,000 persons are fortunate to live in this suburb of West Palm Beach. Famed author Clifford Linedecker is a resident of Lantana, Florida, as is noted scholar Artine Artinian. Lanata is home to a very large and wonderful Finnish community, with restaurants and bakeries.

Lantana Social Security Disability Lawyer and Attorney Randy Zeldin, Esq. offers expert representation in appeals of Social Security Disability claims. The Social Security Disability programs are the largest of Federal programs that aid people with disabilities. The Social Security Disability programs are administered by the Social Security Administration and only individuals who have a disability may qualify for benefits under either program.

Social Security Disability Insurance pays benefits to workers and their families if they worked long enough and recently (generally, 5 out of the past 10 years) and paid Social Security taxes. Supplemental Security Income or SSI pays benefits based on financial need and are funded by general revenues of the U.S. Government.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, over $123 billion in disability insurance benefits are typically paid to the approximately 10.2 million disabled workers and their families receiving assistance. That number is anticipated to increase by at least 20% over the coming years. Requests for benefits have increased with the aging of the “baby boomers.” According to the Social Security Trustee’s Report, disability program revenue will only cover 86% of benefits in 2018, a few short years from now. Lantana Social Security Disability Lawyer Randy Zeldin, Esq. has urged the U.S. Congress to continue appropriate legislative and appropriation measures, to make certain that the Social Security Disability system is solvent for future generations.

Social Security Disability Lawyer Randy Zeldin, Esq. of Lantana, will assess a Social Security Disability Case, among other factors, based on physical limitations and the effect on ranges of work. Some are following examples:

Visual: If a visual limitation prevents an individual from seeing the small objects involved in most sedentary work or if an individual is not able to avoid hazards in the workplace, there will be a significant erosion of the sedentary occupational base.

Communication: This is obviously a basic requirement for all types of work. The level of communication required, varies with the skill level of the job. The more unskilled the job, the more basic the quality of communication required. For example, an individual packing boxes, need only understand basic and usually simple instructions. An airline pilot, in contrast, requires a very high level of communication skills. Sometimes hearing loss is considered by SSA as diminishing communication aptitude. Each case is different, and the testimony of vocational experts is highly influential in assessing communication issues.

Environmental: Many Social Security Disability claimants have what are known as “environmental restrictions or limitations.” These are varied, but can include inability to tolerate cold, heath, noise, sun, certain foods or irritants, pollutants, etc. The causes of these limitations are a function of the disease or injury for a given individual. Sometimes an environmental limitation will preclude a claimant from a limited slice of employment opportunities. Other times, the restrictions are so severe, that there are no jobs available in the national economy and an individual will found to be disabled. Expert vocational testimony is critical in these environmental issues.

Cane: In general, the use of a cane would preclude performance of many unskilled jobs which exceed the sedentary level. However, a claimant who uses a cane for balance involving both lower extremities may be significantly eroded.

Claimants from Lantana seeking Social Security Disability benefits may obtain a free, in-office consultation with Social Security Disability Attorney, Randy Zeldin, Esq.

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I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all your help in my w.c. case so far. I know this is not a 'big' case for you. I do, however, appreciate your help and guidance so very much!! I could not have gotten this far without your help, and I want you to know how grateful I am to have you on my side. Thank you very much, for everything. You are extremely appreciated!! M.L.
My sincere thanks go to you and your staff for my excellent legal representation. I have recommended you to all who I have can in contact with that needed a lawyer to represent them for Social Security Disability. Robert
Mr. Zeldin represented me at my social security disability hearing. He was always responsive to any questions, his staff was a delight to work with, and I feel I won my case by the comments Mr. Zeldin made at my administrative hearing before the judge. I highly recommend him. Debra