Riviera Beach

The old and proud City of Riviera Beach is home to the busy Port of Palm Beach. It sports a world-class marina and United States Coast Guard Station. Football heroes Anthony Carter and Devin Hester, and actor Burt Reynolds, have been residents here.

Riviera Beach Social Security Disability Lawyer and Attorney, is proud to have been serving this community, a suburb of West Palm Beach, for over 20 years. In order to prevail in a Social Security Disability claim, it is essential to procure the cooperation of treating medical providers. In most cases, a medical provider is requested to prepare a Residual Functional Capacity form, which is a direct measurement of a claimant’s physical or mental impairment. There are medical providers in Riviera Beach and West Palm Beach who are very generous to their patients and will prepare the form at little or no cost. There are some medical providers who refuse to cooperate in preparing an RFC, even to the detriment of their own patient. Lastly, there are medical providers who cooperate with preparation of the RFC, but require an exorbitant fee for doing so.

The other necessity is to obtain records of treating medical providers. Many states have laws which waive or limit the amount that can be charged for obtaining copies of medical records in connection with Social Security Disability claims. Other states have limits that apply to all requests, regardless of purpose and other states have no limits at all, resulting in charges of hundreds of dollars for medical records. In Florida, Riviera Beach and West Palm Beach, the fee caps hospital copies at $1.00 per pages, plus sales tax and actual postage. Non-paper records (such as microfiche) are subject to a charge not to exceed $2.00. These charges shall apply to all records furnished, whether directly from the facility or from a copy service providing these services on behalf of the facility. Doctors in Florida may charge their patients $1.00 per pages for the first 25 pages and 25 cents per page for each additional page. The actual cost is allowed for reproducing x-rays and other records.

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