Ten Reasons to Hire Social Security Disability Attorney Randy Zeldin

  1. The social security laws are complicated and often changing.

    The Social Security Administration often issues new rules and procedures which can impact your case. The Federal Court system also continually issues decisions that change the direction of the law.

  2. Randy Zeldin, Esq. can get your case reconsidered by Social Security Administration.

    The first stage in getting a denial of Social Security reversed is to ask for Reconsideration. This means that the case will be heard again by the Disability Determination Services, a unit of the Social Security Administration. If successful, this process can considerably speed up a successful outcome.

  3. Randy Zeldin can get your case heard by an Administrative Law Judge.

    Most cases ultimately are heard at the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR). This involves presentation of medical and vocational evidence and live testimony before an Administrative Law Judge. Randy Zeldin, Esq. can prepare and present your case at either the West Palm Beach or Ft. Lauderdale Social Security hearing offices.

  4. Randy Zeldin can either appeal or work with an appellate attorney in Federal Court.

    In the event that a case is lost before an Administrative Law Judge, it can be appealed to either the Appeals Council or ultimately, to U.S. Federal Court.

  5. There are strict time limits for filing a request for reconsideration or appeal of your claim.

    It is imperative to file all appeals and have the documents complete and properly prepared, within 60 days of any denial by the Social Security Administration.

  6. Attorney fees are never “out of pocket” fees. Fees are 25% of any past benefits awarded, with a maximum fee of $6,000.00

    Under the Social Security laws, you will never be responsible for any fee out of your own pocket. All attorney fees are contingent and based upon benefits secured on your behalf.

  7. Randy Zeldin, Esq. will analyze other possible claims, such as workers’ compensation, personal injury, unpaid overtime or discrimination claims, which may be related to your social security issues.

    It is always wise to have an attorney look at the “big picture,” to make sure that all legal avenues are being pursued on your behalf. Often times a disability is the result of someone’s negligence or a workers’ compensation matter.

  8. Randy Zeldin has been a practicing attorney for over 25 years and was nominated by colleagues for the position of Judge of Compensation Claims.

    Although no attorney can or should promise an outcome, skill and expertise can contribute to the probability of success. Zealous representation on behalf of the client’s best interest, coupled with integrity, are critical elements of a good lawyer.

  9. Peace of mind.
  10. Priceless.

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