The City of Tamarac is new among Broward County’s municipalities, having been first created in 1963. Nearly 33,000 households reside happily here. Of these, a very multicultural population from Canada, South America Asia and Europe form the fabric.

Current City Commission members are: Mayor Harry Dressler (At Large)

The Tamarac Country Club has long been a magnet to the magnificent City of Tamarac.

Tamarac Social Security Disability Lawyer and Attorney Randy Zeldin, Esq., is proud to have been serving Tamarac for over 30 years. As with any judicial system, Social Security Judges have varied backgrounds, perspectives and judicial views. Many press articles have highlighted that Social Security Judges can range widely in their rulings, from highly “liberal” to highly “conservative.” This is true as well, of the Social Security Judges in the Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach districts.

The Office of the Inspector General of the United States reviewed the performance and decisions of Social Security Judges throughout the United States. In its review, the Inspector General found a wide variance in Judge’s productivity and decisional outcomes.

The Social Security Judges with the highest “favorable” allowance rates: Kingsport, TN: Pittsburgh, PA; San Rafael, CA; Orlando, FL; Oakland, CA; San Juan, PR; Birmingham, AL; Tampa, FL; Sacramento, CA; Brooklyn, NY; South Jersey, NJ; Buffalo, NY.

The Social Security Judges with the lowest “favorable” allowance rates: Dallas, TX; San Antonio, TX; Milwaukee, WI; Houston, TX; Richmond, VA; Fresno, CA; Shreveport, LA and Dover, DE.

Social Security Disability claimants from Tamarac, Florida are fortunate to have many excellent Administrative Law Judges in Ft. Lauderdale, to adjudicate claims. The quality of the Ft. Lauderdale Social Security Judges is well above the national average in terms of quality rulings, professional demeanor and first-rate support staff. Because of the large volume of claims, the average duration to obtain a hearing before a Ft. Lauderdale Social Security Judge is nearly two (2) years.

At hearing, the Social Security Judge will give an opening statement, primarily for the benefit of the Claimant. The typical opening statement of the Social Security Judge typically has the following elements:

  • Explanation that the Social Security Judge has “de novo” (complete discretion) to decide, notwithstanding any previous determinations by the Social Security Administration.
  • Explanation that the hearing is being recorded with the aid of a court reporter.
  • Explanation that one witness will be called at a time and that witnesses will be examined under oath and may be cross-examined.
  • Strict rules of evidence will not apply.
  • A description of all documents which will come into evidence and whether there are any objections to specific exhibits.

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I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all your help in my w.c. case so far. I know this is not a 'big' case for you. I do, however, appreciate your help and guidance so very much!! I could not have gotten this far without your help, and I want you to know how grateful I am to have you on my side. Thank you very much, for everything. You are extremely appreciated!! M.L.
My sincere thanks go to you and your staff for my excellent legal representation. I have recommended you to all who I have can in contact with that needed a lawyer to represent them for Social Security Disability. Robert
Mr. Zeldin represented me at my social security disability hearing. He was always responsive to any questions, his staff was a delight to work with, and I feel I won my case by the comments Mr. Zeldin made at my administrative hearing before the judge. I highly recommend him. Debra