With a population over more than 140,000, the City of Hollywood is the 12th largest in the State of Florida. The glamorous City has a fantastic paved beach Boardwalk, for pedestrians only, which was once the old A1A. HEICO has company headquarters in Hollywood, which is close to the County seat, Ft. Lauderdale.

Hollywood Social Security Disability Lawyer and Attorney Randy Zeldin, Esq., is proud to have been serving this community and greater Ft. Lauderdale, for over 20 years. One issue common to all Social Security Disability cases is the “date of entitlement,” which is the date from which benefits become due and payable. Under the Social Security law, benefits are payable five months after the date of onset of the disability or 12 months before the date of application for benefits, whichever is later. One exception is for an individual, who within 5 years before disability, was already entitled to disability benefits or a period of disability. Also, for a Disabled Adult Child, there is no five month waiting period.

Even if an individual from Hollywood, Florida is granted Social Security Disability benefits, eligibility is always subject to review by the Social Security Administration. For cases where improvement is considered a reasonable possibility, based on the medical evidence, there is supposed to be review every 3 years. Such investigations by the Social Security Administration are known as “Continuing Disability Reviews.” Individuals with very serious disabilities, for example mental retardation, are typically reviewed every 7 years. In contrast, an individual with a fracture or surgical recovery can be reviewed as often as every 6 to 18 months. Most recent statistics suggest that in approximately 90% of Continuing Disability Review cases, benefits are not halted by the Social Security Administration.

If a Ft. Lauderdale Social Security Judge denies an appeal for Social Security Disability, the final appeal at the administrative level is to the Appeals Council, which is located near Washington, D.C. Along with the dramatic increase in the filings of Social Security Disability claims, the Appeals Council has similarly seen a huge increase in the number of appeals that it adjudicates.

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