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Hallandale Social Security Disability Lawyer and Attorney Randy Zeldin, Esq. is available to review appeal Social Security Disability cases in Hallandale and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Vocational Experts and Medical Experts are frequently used by the Social Security Administration in Ft. Lauderdale Social Security cases. This expert testimony is used to provide impartial expert opinion during hearings, either by testifying or by providing written responses to written questions (known as interrogatories). The primary reason a Ft. Lauderdale Social Security Judge may obtain a Medical Expert opinion, is to gain information which will help him or her evaluate the medical evidence and determine whether the claimant is disabled. A Medical Expert cannot be a physician or psychologist who previously treated the claimant. A medical expert’s opinion must be based on objective medical evidence, such as MRI’s and laboratory findings, not just the claimant’s symptoms.

Whenever an expert is used, the Social Security claimant has the right to review and respond to the expert’s evidence, before the Ft. Lauderdale Social Security Judge issues a decision. The opinion of a Vocational Expert or Medical Expert is not binding upon the Social Security Administration or the Social Security Judge, but must be weighed along with all the other evidence.

The Social Security claimant’s treating medical provider (e.g. physician), must be given more weight than a medical expert witness, because he or she is a non-examining physician or psychologist and there is no treatment relationship. The Social Security Judge assumes the role to ask questions or to elicit an opinion from the Medical Expert about whether the claimant had or has an impairment which would qualify for Social Security Disability. It is important that a medical provider only give evidence within his or her expertise-a physician is not expert about vocational issues and could not testify whether a claimant can work within competitive work employment.

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