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The City of Fort Lauderdale is a world class tourist destination, attracting over 10 million visitors annually. It has earned the nickname "Venice of America" due to its complex and beautiful canal system. The International Swimming Hall of Fame is situated here. The Riverwalk Arts District along the New River is the site of beautiful landscaping, restaurants and upscale shops. Port Everglades is base for numerous luxury cruise ships which travel throughout the Caribbean. Over 165,000 persons are residents of the City of Ft. Lauderdale.

Fort Lauderdale Social Security Disability Lawyer Randy Zeldin, Esq. is proud to have been serving the Fort Lauderdale community for over 20 years. The Social Security Disability laws are complex and often lack clear definition. For example, although the Social Security law requires consideration of age, education and work experience, it provides no guidance for weighing these factors to determine capacity for other work.

The U.S. Social Security laws do not consider the availability of work in the geographical area where the claimant lives, job vacancies and whether the individual claimant would be hired. Further, the law does not define jobs existing "in significant numbers" and this is often based on expert testimony from a vocational expert. The many regulations and rulings of the Social Security Administration provide the official, formal interpretation of the Social Security law. But even these rules leave many questions unanswered and that's where an expert lawyer like Social Security Attorney Randy Zeldin, Esq. of Ft. Lauderdale, can help to win a favorable Social Security award.

Under the Social Security disability laws, the claimant's statements about symptoms are never enough to show disability. The impairment or combination of impairments must be shown to result from anatomical, physiological, or psychological abnormalities which can be shown by medically acceptable clinical and laboratory diagnostic techniques, including medical evidence of symptoms, signs and laboratory findings. Assisting the claimant to obtain the proper medical evidence, for consideration by a Social Security Judge, is one of the primary duties of expert Ft. Lauderdale Social Security Disability Attorney, Randy Zeldin, Esq.

The types of medical evidence submitted to the Social Security Administration and to a Social Security Judge are wide and varied. Social Security Attorney Randy Zeldin, Esq. of Broward County utilizes treating physicians reports and records, hospital records (inpatient, clinic and emergency), clinic notes, laboratory and diagnostic studies, physical or other therapy records, chiropractic records, opinions and medical assessments, consultative examinations, treating psychiatrist or psychologist reports, psychological evaluations and test results, clinical social workers/therapist reports, etc. Generally, evidence from the claimant’s treating physician should be given more weight than evidence from other sources. If the treating source’s opinion as to the nature and severity of the claimant’s impairment is well-supported by medically acceptable clinic and laboratory diagnostic techniques and is not inconsistent with other substantial evidence of record, it should be given controlling weight by the Social Security Judge. Other factors to be considered include the nature of the patient-doctor relationship, consistency of the evidence and specialization of the physician.

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I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all your help in my w.c. case so far. I know this is not a 'big' case for you. I do, however, appreciate your help and guidance so very much!! I could not have gotten this far without your help, and I want you to know how grateful I am to have you on my side. Thank you very much, for everything. You are extremely appreciated!! M.L.
My sincere thanks go to you and your staff for my excellent legal representation. I have recommended you to all who I have can in contact with that needed a lawyer to represent them for Social Security Disability. Robert
Mr. Zeldin represented me at my social security disability hearing. He was always responsive to any questions, his staff was a delight to work with, and I feel I won my case by the comments Mr. Zeldin made at my administrative hearing before the judge. I highly recommend him. Debra