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Ft. Lauderdale Social Security Disability Lawyer and Attorney, represents claimants in need of legal representation for appeal of a Social Security Disability claim. All Social Security Attorney fees are regulated by Federal law. An attorney fee for any Ft. Lauderdale Social Security Disability claimant is contingent upon a successful outcome. Under Social Security law, attorneys receive 25% of any past benefits paid, with a maximum cap of $6,000.00. Attorney fees are normally withheld from a claimant’s past due benefits, by the Social Security Administration. All attorney fees must be approved by the Social Security Adjudicator or Social Security Judge, before payment is made. Costs of obtaining records are part of the contract between attorney and client.

Although the primary evidence considered by a Social Security Judge is medical evidence from treating providers, testimony by the claimant and family or friends, can sometimes be useful. This testimony typically focuses on activities of daily living. Following are typical examples:

  • Sleep. Problems with sleep can be caused by pain, mind racing, worrying, or bathroom needs.
  • Bathing. Many claimants have problems either showering or bathing and may require “grab bars” or assistance.
  • Dressing. Some claimants have problems buttoning or tying shoes or getting on clothing.
  • Cooking and eating. Many Social Security Judges ask clients if they can cook, as cooking takes on a variety of work-like tasks.
  • Dishes. Washing dishes involves standing and gripping, tasks some persons cannot complete.
  • Laundry. This task involves reaching and lifting, which is impossible for individuals with severe lumbar issues.
  • Driving. Due to lack of mental acuity; medical drowsiness; arthritic pain and other causes, many individuals are unable to drive.

What is most important is that the claimant is believable, which always means telling the truth. Claimants must present testimony which is reasonable and consistent with the medical record from their treating physicians. Attorney Randy Zeldin, Esq. will prepare Social Security Disability Claimants and other witnesses in Ft. Lauderdale, for testimony before a Social Security Judge.

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