Cooper City

The ICC (Intercontinental Cup in Cricket) was played at Brian Piccolo Park in Cooper City. Ken Wagner, the famous defensive end of Troy State, was born here. The current population of Cooper City, a suburb of Ft. Lauderdale, is approximately 28,000 persons. Cooper City has been ranked as one of the Best 10 Towns for Families by Family Circle Magazine.

Cooper City Social Security Disability Lawyer and Attorney Randy Zeldin, Esq. will assess Social Security Disability claims in a free, in-office consultation. The Social Security Disability Claims Process takes the following steps in a typical case:

The Initial Claim is filed with the District Office or Field Office, via telephone, online or an in-person visit. If the claimant is “insured” by having paid sufficient Social Security taxes during past years, the file is sent to the Disability Determination Service (DDS), sometimes called the State’s Agency, to perform a medical evaluation. DDS will send forms for claimant completion; order medical records and some schedule the claimant for a medical examination.

Reconsideration If the claim is denied at the initial level, the file can be re- evaluated by the Disability Determination Services. This process takes about 4 months to complete and has a system-wide success rate of approximately 25%. Cooper City Social Security Disability Attorney Randy Zeldin, Esq. represents claimants in Cooper City and Broward County, in filing Claims for Reconsideration of Social Security Disability Claims.

Hearing This step involves having the file sent to the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR), for assignment to a Social Security Judge. The case is often initially reviewed by a senior staff attorney for consideration of a possible on the record decision. If the case does not result in a favorable on the record decision, it will be set for a live or video conference hearing. Cooper City Social Security Disability Lawyer Randy Zeldin, Esq. has represented many citizens of Cooper City, Ft. Lauderdale and Broward County, in appeals of denied Social Security Disability Claims.

Appeals Council If a case is denied at the hearing level, a claimant can appeal to the Appeals Council in Washington, D.C., by filing a request for review.

Federal Court If the Appeals Council does not provide the desired relief, the claimant may commence an action in Federal District Court.

Social Security Disability claimants living in Cooper City and Ft. Lauderdale will have their appeals heard by a Social Security Judge, based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Social Security Disability Attorney Randy Zeldin represents Claimants before Administrative Law Judges hearing Social Security Disability Claims, in Ft. Lauderdale.

Once a hearing is scheduled before a Social Security Disability Judge, Social Security Disability Attorney Randy Zeldin, Esq. will review the electronic file, to be certain that all available medical evidence has been filed. Especially if claims have been pending for a long time, much of the evidence filed becomes “stale.” In addition to medical evidence, sometimes “lay evidence” of family members, employers or caregivers, will be sought and presented to a Social Security Disability Judge.

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Client Reviews
I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all your help in my w.c. case so far. I know this is not a 'big' case for you. I do, however, appreciate your help and guidance so very much!! I could not have gotten this far without your help, and I want you to know how grateful I am to have you on my side. Thank you very much, for everything. You are extremely appreciated!! M.L.
My sincere thanks go to you and your staff for my excellent legal representation. I have recommended you to all who I have can in contact with that needed a lawyer to represent them for Social Security Disability. Robert
Mr. Zeldin represented me at my social security disability hearing. He was always responsive to any questions, his staff was a delight to work with, and I feel I won my case by the comments Mr. Zeldin made at my administrative hearing before the judge. I highly recommend him. Debra